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Showing the House ...

August 5th, 2008 at 03:28 am

So my house is on the market now; I had one tire kicker show up at one of my yard sales and he just had to see the house and got me all excited and was never to be heard of again. So I put my house out there and I've been waiting patiently and I received an email from someone interested that wants to look at the house this Wednesday.

So on Friday my husband and I decided to go away for our anniversary and my 50th birthday and we take a low budget trip and drive to the Ocean shore and stay in a Best Western for a few days. I check my email on vacation and find an email asking to see the house. So we came home early yesterday, I start freaking out; found some peeling paint outside by the doors so I scrapped and painted that, then found the gas grill had blown black smoke all over one side of the house were I had been cooking and I had to wash and paint that. My husband started to help me and he washed all the outside windows. I was going to the basement and noticed numerous hand prints, dings and marks on those walls so I painted the whole stair well and then I decided I don't like the looks of the down stairs bathroom so I tear that apart and start putting on a fresh coat of paint and before I know it; it's time for bed and the bathroom is only half done.

So here I am up again early and am going to finish that bathroom and then I will need to vacuum, mop, dust and wax the floors (my 18 year old son had friends in while we were gone). My potential buyer is coming tomorrow at 4:00 pm. So I have plenty of time to get the house looking cozy. I have moved some of my storage to the back shed to give the house a feeling of lots of room. One of the things I find is that if you keep looking, there is one more thing you can do; I feel like this is what ADD must feel like, I'm painting one wall, washing the toilet, then find myself cleaning a shower, it's hard to stay focused when there is so much I want to do and need to do.

Also, I have a job to do and I had calls while I was away, customers I need to get back to. I was going through the customers that called and four of them were people I am just giving credit report assistance to; these are people that are looking for help to clean up their credit so they can get a future loan. I generally give free credit repair educational services just to help people clean up and in a year or two they buy a home and use my service. These are time consuming customers and with the real estate market slow I'm finding time to help them; that really is a good thing.

So my plate is full, my trottle is to the metal today and I'm off multi-tasking. I hope this is not just another tire kicker ... there is so much work to preparing a house for showing.

3 Responses to “Showing the House ...”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    I don't remember if I said it or not, but Happy Birthday-versary!

  2. girlndebt Says:

    Happy belated birthday and anniversary. I am glad you got to spend time with your husband and get away for a little while. I hope you guys had a good time.

    When our house was for sale, the only "tire kickers" we had were nosy neighbors. I guess you can take a positive out of those kind of people though. They may like something they see and tell people they know and well-word of mouth may get your house sold. Smile

    I think it is wonderful that you find time to help others when you have so much going on in your life right now.

    I hope that looker turns out to be a buyer. Please keep us posted.

  3. jaiparis Says:

    Wow lots going on! Happy Anniversary and B-DAY!!! Your life will just keep getting better! Make sure to update us and tell us how the showing went, and good to hear it's on the market now, hopefully it sells quickly!

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