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Wearing a Skirt ... Car Repair Ripoff

February 19th, 2008 at 05:27 am

My DH's Ford truck would not start in the yard last week, he tried to boost it and it still did not start so he called the tow truck to tow it to the garage. The tow guy tells DH, "I can fix it and I will give you a good deal and get it done quick, I will replace spark plugs, change oil and filters too, probably all it needs". Well, we all want it done quickly don't we? So DH authorizes him to repair it - so he calls the next day at noon and they say, "Yep, have her ready". So DH goes to pick it up after work and guess what? They were so busy towing that they didn't have time to finish fixing it, but they changed oil, filters and plugs; complete tuneup and that didn't work so they think it is a very serious problem; "new fuel pump". DH is not happy, says a few things about their service and leaves shop.

Next day Tow guy calls me, "Ms. XXXX I realize your DH was upset, I know vehicles and I don't do repairs that aren't required, I'm not like that so you want me to fix the fuel pump, I can't find one today, but I can have it by tomorrow morning, nobody has got one?" I tell him my DH has a cell phone; call him. DH has in the meantime been making several calls to the Ford dealership to find out about the fuel system of the truck - he was advised there is a relay switch and a fuel module going into the tank that could be malfunctioning. Fuel pump cost $370, plus hours of labor at $45 an hour, because they have to take the tank off. So DH calls back the tow guy and ask him if he checked the relay switch, tow guy advises, "this truck ain't got one" (hmmmmm), then he ask him if he checked the fuel module - tow guy says, "I was just about to do that". DH tells him to tow it to Ford Garage!!!

So twenty minutes after the truck arrives at Ford Garage they call to say it's the fuel module ($65.00) and it will take a couple hours of labor. So DH authorizes the repair. He then calls tow guy to get the bill on plugs, filters and oil change (towing was paid by AAA), tow guy says SIX HOURS labor and parts; $440.00 - DH is through the roof now ... he takes the weekend to think about it and calls tow guy back and says, "I'm a fair man and I want to pay you, but I will not be screwed by you because you didn't get to replace a fuel pump that didn't need replacing, so what is it going to be? I have checked with Ford and they say you couldn't have more than THREE hours labor and that is pressing it ... tow guy stutters and agrees to the three hours of labor and reduced the bill.

I'm so glad I had a husband to deal with this ... I would have gotten screwed if it were me I would have said, "Okay, do the work and my bill would have been over $1,000 and I would have paid it". I know because this has happened to me, once to the tune of $5,000 because the mechanic said I didn't have a problem when a read light came on; says its just a bad sensor, then my transmission goes because my oil pump was gone, no oil circulating (I had a big problem) - he gets a used transmission and puts it in and doesn't check a piece of plastic in the pistons and starts the engine and bends the pistons so then it has to go to a machine shop to fix the pistons and they made me pay for it ... I was three months without a car ... it was awful!! I didn't have a husband and I was wearing a skirt.

Can anyone else relate?

9 Responses to “Wearing a Skirt ... Car Repair Ripoff”

  1. SingleGuyMoney Says:

    That's a pretty crappy way to do business!

  2. Ima saver Says:

    That is why I only drive new cars with a warrenty!

  3. compulsive debtor Says:

    What I think is bad is that we as women seem to think we need husbands to get treated fairly by mechanics.....

  4. LadyT Says:

    I can relate! And it's not just mechanics, it is any repair person who comes into my home. It has happened with plumbers, air conditioning guys, you name it. I don't think I need a husband to get treated fairly by mechanics, but I do think that most of them will absolutely try to take advantage of a woman ... at least most of the ones I have dealt with in my life! If I ever find one who I feel is fair and shoots straight with me, they will have a customer for life!

  5. Caoineag Says:

    Hmmm...I think part of it is attitude. Lack of confidence does show. It tends to take service people about 2 seconds to realize that I am the one they want to appease, not my husband.

  6. compulsive debtor Says:

    I agree, Caoineag. I once had a real estate agent not take me seriously and seem to only want to be responsive to my husband. When I went off on him one day for being 45 minutes late to an appointment while my husband stood nearby not saying a word, he started seeing things in an entirely different light.

  7. Lost in debt Says:

    I'd never say I needed a husband to get a good deal, I've been single most of my adult life. I just know that when you walk in wearing a skirt you are looked at differently than a man in pants (she knows nothing about cars!). Living here for 25 years, I would not have dealt with this garage, and I know nothing about cars or trucks, I probably would have thought that they knew what they were talking about.

  8. Gerald L Clauson Says:

    Hello ladies,
    I am sorry ya'll have been getting the shaft. May i make a suggestion? Check out www.carmd.com
    I ran across this awhile back, and it may help you in the future. (No, I am not affialiated! LOL) I drive a truck for Circuit City (And no, we don't sell these, either!)

  9. Andy Says:

    I completely relate based on a recent experience.

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