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It is Snowing Again ....

February 15th, 2008 at 05:56 am

This has been a long winter and I don't think I have ever seen so much snow, it has gotten to the point that when you are in the supermarket, every corner I turn there are two guys talking about all the snow and where they are going to put it next. I hear we are expecting two more feet of snow next week; I'm so tired of the white stuff, but the ski industry is counting the cash ... we needed a good year for them.

I wish I could go to FL right now, my mother was down there last week and it was 80 degrees every day and perfect weather. Such extremes and it's all just a flight away. We won't see really glorious weather here until July and then I will drive to the coast of ME ... saving myself about $2,000 ... it generally cost me $3,000 to go to FL in the winter, ME only cost me about $1,000.
A much needed low budget vacation would be very nice.

1 Responses to “It is Snowing Again ....”

  1. girlndebt Says:

    I don't want to rub it in but it is about 76 degrees here and breezy.Smile It is a very nice night tonight and I can't wait to go back out for my walk.

    Here I am wanting to be where you are. I can't wait to see snow. It has been YEARS!

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