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Special Birthday on a Budget

January 31st, 2008 at 03:31 am

It was my husbands birthday last night and we usually would go to a really nice restaurant to celebrate. Since we are savings as much as we can, I had to become a Gourmet Chef, normally we would spend about $90-$100 for dinner, this would include the wine and tip. So what did I make:

2 NY Sirlion $14.38 at $7.49 lbs.
Bone In
Bernaise Sauce .99
Baked Potato 2.00
Greek Salad 2.00
French Bread .99
B-Day Cake 5.49
Pinot Noir 8.99

I tried something new with the steak. I had a jar of steak seasoning someone gave to me, it had salt, garlic, pepper, red pepper, dehydrated onion, in it, its a Canadian mix purchased at BJ's. So I took the steak seasoning and pressed it into the steak on both sides, then I got a pan very hot with olive oil (by getting the pan super hot, it seals the beef and keeps in the juices), I put the steak in and let it brown on both sides, then turned the heat to medium for about 4 minutes on each side: these steaks were about an inch and a half thick. While the steak cooking I made up the bernaise sauce from the package directions. When all was ready I served the steak on a plate with a touch of bernaise sauce (just like the restaurant does, beautiful presentation), we had baked potato and salad (romaine lettuce with black olives and a touch of shredded parmesan cheese with a oil based greek salad dressing) and bread.

It was so delicious, my husband kept commenting on how good it was and even said it was better than what we had had at our favorite restaurant. Nice dinner and all for under $35.00 - This was a splurge and I know I could have saved more, but after all, it was his birthday!

2 Responses to “Special Birthday on a Budget”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    Oooh, how very nice! Happy birthday to your hubby.

  2. DeniseNTexas Says:

    I think you did a great job! We don't do birthdays but if we did I hope I could serve as nice a meal as you did at such a nice price. Smile

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