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I Just Saved Thousands!!!

January 30th, 2008 at 03:52 am

I have a home that was built in 1970 and I will be trying to sell it again when spring hits. The problem with my house is I've updated most of the home during my 25 years of living here, but I have never changed the kitchen cabinets, which are hard birch and in good repair. They are dated and need a face lift and could make or break a sale. The last time I priced cabinets they were about $5,000, I can't afford to put in new cabinets, so I researched my options online and decided to redo my cabinets and breakfast bar by painting them and putting new brass hinges and hardware on them. I made a visit to the Home Depot with my plan at hand.

I purchased two cans of paint (Behr for Kitchen Cabinets with a satin sheen finish), a can of primer (Zealer 1,2,3), sand paper, a hard wood putty (Miniwax Wood Filler), new gold tone hinges and hardware and I spent $222.17. These items should be all the materials that I will need to complete my project.

I am having a family luncheon in mid February, so my goal is to have the project done by then. I have half of my breakfast bar done now and it looks much nicer and really brightens the kitchen, but I'll save a picture of that for later since I have it all tore apart right now.

I've attached a picture of what the cabinets look like now, so 1970ish!! When my job is done, I will post a new blog ... I'm very excited and can't wait to get this done, maybe this weekend!

5 Responses to “I Just Saved Thousands!!!”

  1. brownbear Says:

    Good luck with your project. I painted my 1970's kitchen cabinets (Black, I used Behr paint also) 2 years ago and added new hardware also. I have received many compliments since then. I will warn you as you already may know it takes alot of work but the results are well worth it!

  2. monkeymama Says:

    Good Luck. My parents redid their kitchen and had the cabinets "refinisihed" or something along those lines. They had planned to rip them out, they just look tired. But they were nice and they look so beautiful after the refinish. IT was a good move for them.

    It is amazing what a difference a little hardware can do too.

    Anyway, great idea!

  3. scfr Says:

    That's a great plan ... Looking forward to seeing the "after" photos.

  4. mom-from-missouri Says:

    I "redid" some once by just adding new doors and hardware. It also saved thousands of dollars.

  5. girlndebt Says:

    I am looking forward to the "after" pictures too. We loved doing projects like that. It feels better doing it yourself. You will be happy you saved money and you will take pride in knowing you did it on your own.


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